RAWLS ARCHITECTS was founded in May 1976 in Dallas, Texas by Ed Rawls, who at the time had 8 years of experience as an Associate with a large Dallas Architectural firm. Ed Rawls is a 1968 graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, with a Bachelor’s of Architecture degree.

The original vision of the firm’s founder was to build an architectural design firm located in the travel friendly city of Dallas,Texas with the expressed intention to design projects regionally. Through these years that have followed its foundation, the firm has accomplished that goal and more with completed projects in all of the Southern and Southwestern States, the Pacific Northwest, the upper East Coast, and two foreign countries. These projects include a wide range of building types and diverse clients, another goal of the founder. Design flexibility ample enough to plan buildings in style restricted places such as Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico, and design diversity creative enough to design glass box recreational houses on Waikiki Beach,Hawaii, are proud achievements of Rawls Architects. The firm designed its first high-rise building, The Shelton in Dallas, just 2 years after its foundation and designed the American Headquarters of Uniden Corporation 8 years later.

Rawls Architects has been privileged to design many projects for developers who build their own projects, as well as designs for facility owners who hire General Contractors to build them. As Ed Rawls will tell you, our developer projects have improved our understanding of the financial and time constraints of traditional Contractor build projects, and therefore made us more responsive to our clients and their projects at both ends of the spectrum.

In early 1998, the firm moved its main office to McKinney, Texas, but maintained an office in downtown Dallas for a few additional years. As the Dallas metroplex has shown Northern expansion, McKinney has proved to be a strategic location centered in the path of this nation’s leading growth. Nevertheless, the access to an international travel system has allowed the firm to continue accepting projects outside of Texas. The size of the firm has fluctuated throughout the years, peaking at 30 Architects in the late 1980’s. Rawls Architects continues to be principal led, with a strong commitment of service to our clients regardless of the firm’s size.

Technological advancements in Architecture software and design tools allows the firm to produce computer drawings and 3D models that amaze even Ed Rawls, who started designing with a drawing board, lead pencils, and a lot of butter paper. Ed continues to practice the skill of drawing freehand at the conceptual design stage; however, he is always willing to advance the drawing and building information modeling (BIM) techniques of the firm as long as they don’t reduce the ability to think design.

Not limiting our design commissions to types of owners or projects, has also given us the ability to understand all aspects of our clients needs. The design of space for people activities is interrelated from project type to project type. When we are designing office buildings, we understand them better because we also design tenant spaces. When designing churches, our understanding of the space requirements is enhanced because we have designed schools, athletic centers, stadiums, and assembly spaces. Hotel design has been enriched because we design single and multi-family houses. Space requirements in which to live, work, and play are interrelated. Lists of accomplishments are categorized simply to make it easier to demonstrate our experience.